Don't Drink and Drive Without iPhone

By Matthew Askari | December 27, 2011
As we approach January 1st—a veritable ode to the hangover—we'd like to inform our readers of a handy new app that may help them return from their new year's celebration in one piece. Okay, quick legal disclaimer: we don’t advocate drinking, and we certainly don't advocate driving if you've had anything to drink, so please be safe, readers! While certainly there will be people that won't heed our sound advice, we hope that they at least have iPhones, and the new iPhone app, intoxicheck. According to its makers, intoxicheck "leads users through a simple set of before and after reaction, judgment and memory challenges so drivers clearly see how impaired they are in an effort to stop drinking and driving." To us, this sounds like all kinds of win. In fact, a new generation of drinking games may just have been invented. Innocorp, Ltd., makers of the new iPhone app, claim a series of six tests have been proven to demonstrate intoxication levels. The user is allowed to pick one challenge, and two others are automatically selected. At the end of the challenges a determination is made as to how buzzed you are, such as "you are very impaired." Hopefully the user will have been drinking if that appears on the screen. In any case, we wish all a happy and safe new year.
Source: Innocorp, Ltd.