Driveway Drip: Know When to Worry

By | February 08, 2013
Instead of dealing with your mechanic to find out why your car has a puddle of fluid underneath it, Cars, Simplified delivers a short, informative video about the different possibilities of driveway drip. In it, you will learn to identify the difference between water and coolant, as well as if it's a serious leak or not. One of the first questions asked it what three qualities help determine what type of fluid is leaking. As the video goes along, the questions become more detailed, enabling you to fully understand just what is going on with your car. If it's just a water leak, it might just be due to healthy condensation, but be careful, if there's more water than you feel is "normal," be sure to check your radiator.
Knowing the difference of what has been leaking out of your car can also be the difference between a large vet bill and no bill. If your car is leaking coolant, make sure to keep your pets away as it's poisonous to animals. Head over to the Cars, Simplified video now to learn more about driveway drip tips.