Driving Safely with Pets

By Automotive Staff | October 30, 2008
With Halloween nearly upon us, many pet owners have begun to consider not only their own costumes but also what sort of outfit their dogs should wear on that spooky day as well. Pet costumes, most specifically those for dogs, are a booming business in this country. And let’s be honest, most cats would not be too pleased if you tried to put a ballerina costume on them. So in this spirit of seasonal “trickery,” what other sort of “treats” could you spoil your favorite canine with? According to pet safety advocacy group Bark Buckle Up all dog owners should consider investing in automobile safety equipment for their beloved furry friends. Not a bad idea when you are always sure your human counterparts buckle up for every journey and are surrounded by a cocoon of eighteen airbags. And many dog owners just like their pets more than people. As they tend to not talk and are always excited to see you they can become more than just family members. They can become the most beloved and popular family members. Just ask poor old unpopular Aunt Bertha with her body odor and skin flaking problems. Dogs can smell bad and have skin problems like hot spots but you will still love them more than Aunt Bertha for one simple reason. They offer true unconditional love. Not a bad attitude wrapped in 300 pounds of grease and a mu-mu.
Christina Selter, spokeswoman for Bark Buckle Up made this plea to dog owners, “Let's celebrate the holidays safely and responsibly by buckling-up our pets when driving. Protecting them and others is a gift everyone should consider.” Just go to any local pet supply store or check out a pet catalog like Dr. Fosters and Smith for a look at all of the safety harnesses and dividers available on the market. There are countless ways to make your car, truck or SUV more canine safe. And remember, if you do have a pickup truck never allow your dog to ride in the bed. A dog belongs in the cab of the truck with his head sticking out of the window. This is as Dog (oops, sorry God—we just had a dyslexic moment) and nature intended it to be. Our view? The simple and easy step of adding a cargo area dividing grate or seatbelt harness to your vehicle could help save your pet’s life in case of an accident. It may cost money and allow a little less freedom for your best friend but imagine the heartache you could possibly avoid just by doing it. Your canine companion will thank you. Having pet safety equipment in your vehicle is on “treat” that your dog will never think is a “trick.” via Auto News