Is It Still "Driving" If You Don't Use A Steering Wheel?

Stupidity seems to know no bounds as photos surface of individuals driving without a steering wheel. The photos show two men hanging their arm out the window, firmly grasping their steering wheels. Did they fall off? Did something break, or is this just another sad attempt to start a new driving trend, a la ghost-riding? It makes you wonder just how these men have managed to get their cars to stay in a relatively straight line while driving down the road. The alignment on those two Hondas must be perfect, as when the car starts to drift in one direction or the next, there's no way to get back on the straight path as they're holding the steering wheels out the window. These men don't seem concerned at all with what they are doing. It makes me want someone to drive alongside them and grab the steering wheels. That kind of stupidity is astounding. Comments surrounding these photos range from jokes like, "I'd like to see them hang the brake pedal out the window as well" to concerned citizens saying, "Send those photos to the local LEO's before they kill someone. You have the cars, the drivers, and the license plates, I'd think that's enough proof. Source: Corvette Forum
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