Drunk Partygoers Turn BMW into Pool Cruiser in Germany

By Matthew Askari | July 29, 2013
From the you-can't-make-this-stuff-up files comes a bizarre story involving a BMW and a few drunk revelers. According to a report in the UK's Daily Mail, a few intoxicated males stripped, sealed and waterproofed the inside of a BMW. The guys added a wooden "deck," outfitted the vehicle with a bamboo ladder, and draped fake flowers around the Tiki cruiser. Filling the car with water, they created a rolling BMW pool.
According to the Mail, "the car held three young males clad only in swimming trunks," and a lone Poleizei Motorcycle followed in pursuit. The officer later said the group appeared "drunk." The driver sped up causing a lot of the water to spill out of the vehicle. As the Mail tells it, "the young men sloshed to a halt and jumped out, fleeing across a nearby dry riverbed, where they hid as police swarmed around the vehicle." The sergeant disabled the vehicle by letting air out of the tires and disconnecting the spark plugs. Eventually the driver returned, and submitted a blood test before collecting his shoes and wallet.
Original story and photo source: Daily Mail