E85 supporters want greater Ethanol in Gasoline Mix

By Automotive Staff | January 05, 2009
Advocates who favor more use of ethanol as an alternative fuel are calling for changes in the amount of ethanol the government allows to be mixed, or "blended", with gasoline.Supporters call this a “blending wall.” They say a change is necessary in order for the production and consumption of ethanol to grow. They say that if the barrier is not removed, ethanol production could level off by 2010. Currently, federal standards call for a 10 percent blend of gasoline and ethanol. Purdue University agricultural economist Wally Tyner noted that there are several reasons why there has been difficulty breaking through the so-called “blending wall”, all of which can be found at the original article. Tyner said that in order for ethanol to pass 12 billion gallons a year, the blending wall will have to be destroyed and oil prices will need to increase.
via Ontario Farmer