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Electric Ford Fiesta? Prototype Shown

By Matthew Askari | April 26, 2013
Paragraphimage The Ford Fiesta is the automaker's entry-level offering, and it has added new engine options of late to make for a very diverse range. It appears Ford is at least exploring future possibilities of expanding that range, partnering up with German tech supplier Schaeffler to produce an electric-motor battery-powered Fiesta. This isn't to be confused with a direct preview of an upcoming Fiesta electric vehicle, but is "a driveable research vehicle that could lead to improvements in urban mobility." Paragraphimage "This is an exciting project to work on with Schaeffler because it potentially opens new options for the development of zero emission vehicles with very efficient packaging and exceptional maneuverability," said Pim van der Jagt, Ford's director of Research and Advanced Engineering in Europe. "Looking forward, we have the opportunity to scope out the vehicle's capabilities and how we might overcome some of the challenges presented by implementing the technology." One of the unique things about the electric Fiesta prototype are its in-rear-wheel mounted electric motors, allowing the car to have rear-wheel-drive driving dynamics, without the weight and complex system found on most RWD and AWD vehicles.  Ford has said it will partner with Schaeffler and others to produce two new driveable vehicles by 2015. So while there aren't plans specifically for an electric Fiesta on a production scale, Ford is looking in to what’s possible. Source: Ford
  • Ford Fiesta Electric Prototype Shift Knob Controls Center Stack
  • Ford Fiesta Electric Prototype Front Three Quarters
  • Ford Fiesta Electric Prototype Front Three Quarters Birds Eye
  • Ford Fiesta Electric Prototype Front Three Quarters View Dynamic
  • Ford Fiesta Electric Prototype Instrument Gauges
  • Ford Fiesta Electric Prototype In Wheel Electric Motor

You are right Ingrid, the parking space thing is carrying a "less is more" design. I am really impressed such technology was created a hundred years ago and is the solution to the future problems and how Schaeffler and Ford improving it and adding new features to it. It is incredible that other external companies and institutes are helping out with the project as well, Continental, RWTH Aachen and the University of Applied Sciences, Regensburg together with Schaeffler and Ford promised to deliver 2 new EVs based on the wheel technology by 2015, this path could not be wrong.

Ingrid Wong
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Schaeffler and Ford didn't waste the research and development effort on creating new generation car. As Engy mentioned, it is very attractive by the 90 degree wheels lock. If it is possible, more parking space could be fully utilized. It  won't arise the space problem in long term.


This a very clear picture of the ewheel hub drive close up, it clearly shows how the 90 degree lock works, very brilliant design by Schaeffler. The ewheel drive hub can be fitted onto 16 inches wheel, and weighted 53kg in total. Though we wont be able to drive such car till 2015, but it has already defined the foundation of future vehicle. Time is still required for further enhancement and optimization for the ewheel hub to be comparable to the performance or modern vehicles, lets just be patient and see what's the magic next.