Electric Rolls-Royce herald 2012 London Olympics

By Automotive Staff | November 25, 2009
Rolls-Royce has announced that it plans on producing electric Rolls-Royces with the first vehicle, the e-Phantom, expected to be available sometime within the next year. When asked why they wish to put out an electric vehicle so soon, a source from Rolls-Royce stated “Because BMW is a big sponsor of the 2012 Olympics in London, and my wouldn’t it look green bringing a flotilla of electric land yachts to the games?” The idea of an electric Rolls-Royce would be very beneficial to owners, not only While electric vehicles have been criticized in the past for their limited range, Rolls Royce believes they have nothing to worry about since most of their owners “simply tool around town.” Said e-Phantom would be better for the environment while saving its owners a lot of money on fuel costs, emission and road taxes in cities like London. (Editors Note: Uh, they can afford a Rolls. Do they really care about the cost of fuel?) Our take? While an electric Rolls-Royce may save owners money in fuel and in emission and road taxes, how much will one of these e Phantoms set them back? via Wired