End of a Saab Story: Last of Swedish Cars to be Auctioned Off This Week to Clear Old Debt

By Jacob Brown | March 19, 2013
'Twas a sad day in 2011 when the trolls of Trollhatten, Sweden, closed their doors and stopped making Saabs. Can you imagine if Santa's elves were told to pack it in? They'd have a riot, eatĀ venisonĀ for dinner, and Christmas wouldn't be the same. It's that same sort of feeling many a New England college professor felt when he had to hang up his elbow-patched blazer after the realization Saab had gone bankrupt. It was quite the Saab story. But now the brand is back with vim and Viggen, at least sort of. The last Saabs are being auctioned off to clear some old debt through the oversight of bankruptcy court. Of them are 31 of the only 700 Saab 9-4X crossovers that were imported from Mexico. They're rebodied Cadillac SRXs with different engines. Then there were only 30 Saab 9-5 Sportkombi--station wagon--models produced. The auction will have seven of them. And only 54 Saab 9-5 sedans from the 2012 model year were built. The auction will feature 37 of them.
Some of the cars aren't able to be registered; others are incomplete. Not all of them run. It sounds like the last Saabs are proudly adhering to the proud tradition of Saab reliability for when the factories were actually up and running. SPG, Aero, Viggen: All of those names represent go-fast Saabs; all of them represent massive torque steer, ignition buttons or key holes located in the center console, waffle-shaped HVAC vents, small, turbocharged engines that'd go like stink and last about as long as a portable CD player in 2013. And yet, we find them endearing. There are those of us who Saabed a thousand tears when the brand went under. If you're interested in buying a never-titled, hardly-ever-driven Saab, click the link here to check out the details, or you can see the list of cars for sale here. The auction starts today and runs through April 3. If you buy one, good luck getting it into the U.S. Or just fudge the details and take the VIN off an old Saab at a junkyard. It's not like those are in short supply. Good luck, and happy bidding. Source: KVD Auctions