Epic Drive: All Lamborghini, No Bull (Well, A Few Bulls)

By Blake Z. Rong | October 23, 2012
Take a Lamborghini to Spain to go bull-chasing? It sounds like one of the quintessentially machine/man-melding experiences on par with a Corvette on a bourbon tour of northwestern Kentucky, or a Subaru BRZ to Fuji. Hemingway tore his way across Europe, too, but even he was less loud. Frank Markus, coming at us from this episode of Epic Drives on the Motor Trend Youtube channel, couldn't have turned down such a prompt if he tried. Yes, people will stare. And Instagram, even. A bright orange Lamborghini Aventador driven through Monaco's surprisingly narrow, congested streets tends to get noticed in the same way Markus would if he had ridden one of the bulls from the famed Gallardo family which he visits (and who lend their name to another of Lamborghini's bulls). Bullfighting is a messy sport, the threat of violent death always looming—one of the simplest things of all, as Hemingway said. But here, even the Aventador, all $387,000 worth, seems tame by comparison.