Epic Drives Episode 3: Chevrolet Corvette ZR1's Excellent Italian Adventure

By Joel Arellano | March 30, 2012
Testosterone flows in episode three of Motor Trend's Epic Drive. Motor Trend's Editor at Large Angus MacKenzie teams again with MT's Best Driver's Car co-host and GT2 Class winner at Le Mans' Justin Bell for male-to-male banter on the streets of Europe. No, not streets, but highways, specifically one: the famed Autobahn of Germany. Friendly rivalry flares between the two long-time mates as both take turns taking the first weapon of choice—the all-too American Chevrolet Corvette ZR1—in a battle to reach top super car speed in an ultimate fish out of water challenge. Quips MacKenzie, "Spotting a Corvette on the road, spotting a ZR1 on the road, is like seeing a Lamborghini in Albuquerque." The first challenge over and the Corvette declared the winner both on the Autobahn and the vertigo-inducing Stelvio Pass, MacKenzie drives out a Ferrari 458 Italia as the second weapon of choice. Focus turns to Bell as he takes the Corvette in a straight muscle-to-muscle against one of Italia's best (driven by MacKenzie, of course.) The winner? Check it out.

Source: YouTube