European Car Market Sees Sales Stall

By Automotive Staff | August 25, 2008
The American car market (and its domestic brands) is not alone in feeling the crunch of falling sales. Unlike the booming mainland Asian markets of China and India, the western European market is instead following that of the American market. It's in a slump, and its brands are reacting accordingly. BMW, Fiat, Renault, and Volvo have postponed of cancelled the development of newer models. There will no longer be another BMW SUV (is this really a bad thing?). General Motors has nixed its European Opel and Vauxhall next generation models for now, and Ford is determining if its Volvo's C30 may stay as the brand's lone offering instead of being developed into several variations. Though these measures will provide short term cash, one wonders what will happen when new models are needed. Our take? There's already news that Daimler is a possible target for a takeover. Will we seen seen a German or possibly even a French automaker under new ownership or going by the wayside? via United Press International