Exclusive Program Porsche 911 Carrera S Gets 30 More Horsepower

By Jason Davis | June 21, 2012
Porsche today announced that its iconic 911 Carerra S sports car will be offered with an available power enhancement kit. Under the banner of the Porsche Exclusive Program, the kit comes in the form of an additional 30 ponies for its 3.8-liter flat-6 engine, increasing output to 430 horsepower. Because 400 isn’t enough, the Carrera S with the power option will now accelerate to freeway speeds in less than 4.0 seconds, a Heruclean effort of one-upsmanship that most can only dream of matching. If you’re into reciting power numbers and drag ET’s on Internet chat forums. Fortunately, the power enhancement kit does not adversely affect fuel mileage—on the European scale. Official EPA estimates for the United States are forthcoming, but will be available by early fall when the package figures to be available.
In addition to the extra power, the enhanced power kit features a sports-tuned exhaust (obviously), and the sports Chrono package that features a titanium engine cover with carbon fiber inlays. Visually, power kit equipped models can be identified by a “new front apron,” a fixed rear “ducktail” wing (basically, a spoiler), and decorative interior trim. Porsche has yet to set a price on the kit, but look for it this fall. If you like all things Porsche and awesome. Source: Porsche