Exotic Car Goes Psychedelic: McLaren MP4-12C Hamann "MemoR" Edition

By Matthew Askari | October 31, 2012
Apparently the folks at German tuner company Hamann didn't think the head-turning McLaren MP4-12C supercar was turning enough heads. Also apparent is that they were listening to a lot of Jimi Hendrix and Grateful Dead when thinking of how to make it more appealing. While probably too modern and flashy for the Summer of Love, San Francisco Haight-Ashbury hippie-peace-love scene, the Hamann MemoR is certainly not from this era, either.
Actually, we think it looks pretty good. And if you're shelling out Ferrari and Lambo cash—and buying a car as ostentatiously named as the McLaren MP4-12C—you're probably looking for attention. Enter Hamann's McLaren. Inspired by haute couture, Hamann says its looker will "transform ugly streets into palatial catwalks." True story. The German tuner company also gave the MemoR special 21-inch aluminum wheels, and a few touches on the inside, but really this one's all about the tie-die.
Source: Hamann