Fans Plead to Restore Ghostbusters Car

By Matthew Askari | October 16, 2013
A picture may not only be worth a 1,000 words, it may be worth a few thousand signatures, too. A recent photo that surfaced on Instagram showed the original Ghostbusters 2 car, otherwise known as Ecto-1a, in dilapidated and poor condition. As with many movie cars, this one's generating a lot of interest.
According to a recent report on Moviefone, the 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance is wasting away on an abandoned prop lot at Sony Studios in Culver City, California. An online petition created by concerned fans and addressed to Sony, is asking the studio to hand over the car for the cost it would receive to scrap it, so that they could restore it back to the condition it was in, in Ghostbusters 2.
On the Ghostbusters Fans site, it says the car was due to be restored, but those plans changed due to a tight budget. The group intends, with the support of the "Ghostbusters community," to restore the Ecto-1a "back to the condition she was seen on the silver screen in 1989." There are nearly 4,000 signatures so far. The Instagram photo from user @cheekybama shows the Ghostbusters car with a smashed windshield, damaged hood, and missing portions of the grille and front end. We'd love to see the Caddy back in tip-top shape to ward off paranormal activity. What say you? Source: Moviefone, Ghostbusters Fans,