Far Out, Dude! The Volkswagen Bus Makes a Comeback…in Holland

By Jacob Brown | November 11, 2011
The last time you saw a new VW Bus was a time of making love and not war. It was a simpler time before the internet when you could be a little immature and it wouldn’t end up making a million rounds of laughter on YouTube. It was a time that—quite frankly—you’ll never have back no matter how many times you listen to your Janis Joplin vinyl collection. But if you live in Holland, at least you can bring back some of the memories with Volkswagen’s reintroduction of the second-generation of the Bus, otherwise known as the hippie van. Otherwise known as the Volkswagen T2 Transporter. Still on sale in Brazil and much of South America, Volkswagen of Europe has seen fit to import the official vehicle of flower power as a nostalgic niche vehicle. Where it’s still considered a cheap transporter in the Americas, Volkswagen is importing the T2 Transporter, as it was known in other parts of the world, in plusher Trendline, Comfortline, and Highline outfits with camper and pop-up roof options still intact. In fact, with options, the van can stretch well into the $70,000 range without much effort when converting Euros to dollars. They start at the equivalent of $44,580, excluding destination and handling.
Powering the Transporter is an 80-horsepower water-cooled 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine. It replaces the 1.6-liter and 1.8-liter horizontally opposed four-cylinder engines sold in the U.S. before the disco era. The reason for the change comes because the 1.4-liter engine is more efficient, less expensive to produce, and is water-cooled instead of air-cooled, meaning they run better in hot weather. Because they’re imported from Brazil, they can run on ethanol or gasoline, as much of South America’s infrastructure is based on sugar-cane ethanol. As with all things made modern, the front tire carrier is now a place for the van’s air filter, as well as probably some much-needed protection in a front-end collision. And it can be equipped with modern appliances and flatscreen TVs with mere checking of options boxes. While probably one of the coolest new cars we’ve seen—Full disclosure: Everyone in our office wants one—the reality is that safety regulations have pushed the Transporter out of our future. Volkswagen will gladly sell you a Routan in the U.S. Source: Volkswagen
Alessandro Corradini
Alessandro Corradini

Well actually VW sells the transporter 5 in europe that surely matches the US safety standards. But they dont't sell it in the us. So americans cannot have California.