Ferrari F620 Teaser: Because A Ferrari Always Needs More Power

By Blake Z. Rong | February 21, 2012
The "most powerful Ferrari ever" might be too much of a good thing. Does the famed Italian manufacturer's supercars really need more power? After all, even free ice cream for life gets old after a while. And if it was Christmas every day, it takes the magic out of receiving presents. At least that's what our parents told us. Oh, who are we kidding. We all know that the only thing a Ferrari needs more of is cupholders, and then more horsepower. Ferrari claims that the F620 will be the most virile Prancing Horse yet, with estimates claiming that it will produce north of 900 horsepower through a V12 engine, which—despite all reports to the contrary—is not dead yet. The video Ferrari released does two things for us: It gives us a release date (February 29th), and it gives us some of its sonorous, seductive engine noise. What does it sound like? It sounds like God Himself eating Pop Rocks. It sounds like a grizzly bear that just stepped on some LEGOs. It sounds like Iggy Pop playing William Wallace in a punk-rock remake of Braveheart. Play the sound of the Ferrari F620 underwater as a mating call for hammerhead sharks. In short, the F620 hits our brains at the same aural frequency normally reserved for Motörhead concerts and a fast-approaching natural gas explosion, and when it's introduced at the Geneva Motor Show it won't fail to disappoint.

Source: Ferrari