Ferrari Hydroplane That Broke Speed Record to Sell in Monaco

By Matthew Askari | May 11, 2012
We're all about cars here at, but when a boat with a Ferrari engine that was designed to be the fastest thing on water goes up for sale, well, naturally, our interest is piqued. The 1953 Timossi-Ferrari "Arno XI" racing hydroplane set a world record for speed on water, and is now up for grabs. As long as you plan to grab it for about $1.5 million dollars, give or take. That's what RM Auctions, the company that will be selling the Ferrari-powered hydroplane, estimates the collector's item to be worth. You can check out the 1953 Timossi-Ferrari hydroplane in action below. Later this month, Monaco—site of the RM auction—will be hosting the famous Monaco Grand Prix, among the most famous races in the world. The well-to-do principality is well known for its automotive heritage, and many of the world's most collectible autos can be seen with regularity on its streets. RM regularly holds collectible car auctions, but don't be surprised if this time around all the attention goes to a boat.

Source: YouTube, RM Auctions