Ferrari Releases Details About Next Enzo-Beating Supercar

By Jacob Brown | October 07, 2011
Ferrari Enzo owners, we get you. You likely waited in line for years to get a car that you had to pay much more than the $659,300 advertised price for just to get shown up a few years later by the much cheaper (using “cheap” as a relative word, folks) Ferrari 458 Italia. You thought the Enzo was going to stay top-dog at least a little while longer. You’re not a happy camper. As a discerning Ferrari aficionado like yourself, you’re in luck, though. While you were off shooing your Enzo—valued at $2 million—into a lake to make one expensive viral video, the crew in Maranello, Italy was busy developing its next great Ferrari supercar. Retaining a mid-mounted V-12 engine layout like the F50 and Enzo that came before it, the next car will likely also employ a hybrid performance system like the KERS electric motor used in Formula One race cars. Though in an interview with Autocar, Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa made sure to mention that the system “must focus on improving efficiency and not just be about performance.” So expect an Enzo-like 12 mpg on the highway to be a thing of the past. Similar to the Ferrari Millechili concept of 2007, the next Ferrari supercar will employ extensive use of carbon fiber to reach an aggressive weight-paring plan. If it is going to go head-to-head with the upcoming Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, look for the Ferrari to drop a good amount of the Enzo’s 3000-pound heft. While proposed names for the upcoming Ferrari have floated around since before the Enzo’s production run ended in 2005, we still won’t know what the next-generation supercar will be called until sometime closer its unveiling at the end of 2012. We fully expect the next cycle of supercar-totaling YouTube highlights to begin shortly thereafter. Source: Autocar

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