Ferrari Wants to Become Even More Exclusive

Apparently, there's a Ferrari in everyone's garage, and the brand has become more mainstream than it ever wanted to be. The new plan set forth by Luca di Montezemolo, Ferrari's chairman, will cut production of many of the vehicles in the lineup in an attempt to sell fewer cars than in 2012, but receive higher profits. All this is an attempt to preserve the exclusivity of the brand. Montezemolo's goal is to sell fewer than 7,000 vehicles in the course of this year, believing the 7,318 vehicles sold in 2012 were too many. "When you buy a Ferrari you buy a dream, and customers must be reassured that we will preserve that dream," said Montezemolo in a recent interview. Another decision to make the brand more exclusive has been made. Ferrari will not be making its portfolio more diverse. There will be no SUV or four-door vehicles in its immediate future, as Montezemolo doesn't want to branch out from the brand's core products.
Source: Autocar