Fiat Introduces "Fatherhood"

After the debut of its UK-only commercial "Motherhood" introduced us to the life of a mother with a Fiat 500L, Fiat brings a new YouTube film that shares what it's really like to be a new dad, also featuring the new Fiat 500L, the latest edition to the Fiat lineup. This new film takes viewers back to the 80s, taking cues from music videos that many either love or hate. "As with The Motherhood, we wanted Dads everywhere to watch The Fatherhood and nod along to the story we're telling. Just like the Fiat 500L, we hope The Fatherhood will bring a bit of fun into people's everyday lives," said Elena Bernardelli, Marketing Director, Fiat Group Automobiles UK, in a recent interview. The video opens up with the mother putting twins in the back seat of a Fiat 500L, the dad takes off, taking a sip of milk from a baby's bottle, and immediately breaks into the song. He begins singing about his life before the babies, how it was simpler when he was "a new romantic." He can't seem to grasp how he's now a dad. His only words of consolation are, "It's fine because I love you and I would never trade your mother, but in the future I'll be abstinent or double up the rubber."
It's unlikely the commercial will be used in the U.S. The song continues in much the same fashion, and we see the dad step in front of a band to continue to sing. The video breaks off to the bridge of the song, where there's a woman in the woods with a unicorn, picking up the song where the dad left off. He reminisces about the days where he can have sleep, peace, and quiet. His only salvation is the "gentle car vibration" of the Fiat 500L that lulls his twins asleep. Near the end of the video we see the dad, woman from the woods, and unicorn driving along. They pull up to the dad's house and we once again see him with the kids, but as he stops, a siren can be heard in the background that wakes up the kids. His crestfallen face is what we are left with. Fiat has done an exceptional job of explaining the woes of fatherhood with good humor in this video and it will no doubt be as big of a hit as The Motherhood that was previously released. Source: Fiat via YouTube