Fiery Crash: Nissan GT-R Slams in to BYD e6 Taxi in China

By Matthew Askari | May 29, 2012
An investigation is under way in the Southern China city of Shenzen, after a fatal accident involving a Nissan GT-R and an all-electric BYD e6 Taxi leaves many questions unanswered. The GT-R struck an electric BYD taxi, which reportedly caught fire, killing all three passengers in the taxi. The driver of the GT-R was reportedly drunk, and fled the scene with three female passengers. Another, traditionally powered taxi was also hit. The drunk driver of the GT-R reportedly turned himself in to accept blame, but officials are unsure if the man turning himself in was bribed, or actually involved in the high-speed accident as he showed no signs of injury. Shares of the Warren Buffet-backed Chinese automaker were down approximately seven percent, at their lowest levels in months. An official speaking for BYD said the company was "sorry for the deaths." It is unclear whether the battery fire was the cause, or played any role in the fatalities. The BYD electric taxi showed signs of having crashed into a tree after the initial high-impact collision involving the drunk driver. Electric and hybrid cars have come under much scrutiny here in the U.S. for battery fires, but it's entirely possible given the circumstances, that didn't play a role in the fatalities.

Source: Reuters, NY Times