Firesale: Honda Tells Dealerships to Rid 2012 Civic ASAP for Incoming Model

By Joel Arellano | October 23, 2012
Want a great deal -- heck, a steal -- on that 2012 Honda Civic you've been eying the past couple of months? Buy it now or any time before November 29. That's the day the 2013 Honda Civic goes on sale. You will have Honda's blessing. The automaker has apparently issued a letter to its dealerships "urging" them to clear out their lots for the 2013 model. Apparently, the "refreshed" 2013 Honda Civic is so radically different from the 2012 model that dealers won't be able to move the latter once the newer sibling shows up. States assistant VP David Hendley of Honda National Sales, "the changes made to the 2013 model will make the outgoing 2012 Civic a difficult model sell when they are side to side." Very little is known about the 2013 Honda Civic. The automaker is famed for keeping things close to the breast on its vehicles. What is known is the reaction to the 2012 model, which received scathing reviews from well-known consumer-oriented publications like Consumer Reports. Honda thus performed what is known as an "emergency refresh" for the 2013 model since the all-new Civic doesn't go on sale until 2014. Details, again, aren't known, but Honda mostly likely redesigned the Civic's exterior and updated interior quality, which was criticized by consumers and press as lower quality compared to competitors like Hyundai and even some domestic makes.
Sage Marie, senior manager of PR over at Honda, states more information on the 2013 Honda Civic will be released starting next month. Stay tune as continues coverage of the Civic saga. Source: Autoblog