First Camaro ZL1 Sells for $250,000: Proceeds Donated to Charity

By Blake Z. Rong | September 26, 2011
The jokes seem to write themselves. “A $250,000 Camaro? Is the mullet included with the price?” But while a Camaro for the price of a Ferrari may seem like a terrible idea, the cause it benefits is anything but a waste of money. The $250,000 auction price goes directly to the YMCA of Southern Nevada, allowing the center to open its doors to its community. Such a lofty charitable donation could only have happened with the first production example of the much-anticipated Carbon Flash Metallic Camaro ZL1, which was auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson this past weekend in Las Vegas. The collector-car community loves its matching numbers, and with a VIN displaying it as the first one built, it’s no surprise that Rick Hendrick, owner of NASCAR powerhouse Hendrick Motorsports, was willing to pay so much to win it. The ZL1 is the horsepower-pumping top dog of the Camaro range. With 580 horsepower from a supercharged 6.2-liter V8, the ZL1 is GM’s entry to the arms race between Ford and Dodge, with enough home-grown power between the muscle car class to fend off a Soviet invasion. USA! USA! USA! Despite this, is the ZL1 — or any Camaro, no matter how rare — worthy of a six-figure price tag? Sound off in the comments below.