First "Image" of 2013 SRT Viper "Unveiled" on DriveSRT's Facebook Page

By Trevor Dorchies | January 31, 2012
It's been two years since we've had a high performance car from the Chrysler Group, but it appears the wait is coming to an end. The newly formed SRT brand unveiled a shadowy outline of the 2013 SRT Viper late last night. First appearing on SRT's Facebook page DriveSRT, the first official image does little to quench the thirst of the Super Snake's loyal followers. This image (above) is the first official one to be released ahead of its scheduled unveil at the New York Auto Show later this year. As it is on the DriveSRT Facebook page, there isn't a lot to see from the heavily blackened and white photo of the Super Snake. What is evident is that the new Viper will have headlights, a hood scoop, a windshield, and a curved hood. Supposedly the Viper gets its inspiration for exterior styling by a naked woman lying on the beach...seriously. However, we just can't see it. What we can see is a new Viper logo (guaranteed not to look like Daffy Duck when upside down), and LED light bars at the bottom of the headlights. While the rest of the Viper's styling cues remain a mystery, the same is true for what's under the hood. Early indications point to a monstrous 650-horsepower, 8.7-liter engine V-10 engine being the source of motivation for the Viper. More likely than not it will be hooked to a six-speed manual transmission. Like the snakes before it, the latest Viper is expected to lay off the technological advancements found in many super cars today. However SRT boss Ralph Gilles has been quoted as saying the Viper's interior was a focal point of development. While we expect a step up from the Spartan interior appointments Viper fans are accustomed to, we aren't expecting anything like what's found in any of Chrysler or Dodge's models trimmed with the SRT badge.
Another big development to come along with the latest Viper is that it will shed its Dodge skin for the SRT brand. From here on out (or until Chrysler decides to change it) it will officially be known as the SRT Viper. As for when we can expect to see it back out in its natural habitat of wide open, flat asphalt (not to mention embankments) SRT boss Ralph Gilles said in a press release last month that "the next generation Viper will make its return to the product lineup up in late 2012 as a 2013 model." Do you think the Viper moving over to SRT will affect its overall quality and performance? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Source: DriveSRT
Winston Bent
Winston Bent

It's a good decision to make the Viper an SRT brand. I think there will be more SRT branded models added in the future.