First Pics! Audi's Strange Urban Concept

By Matthew Askari | August 31, 2011
It's been a busy month for Audi. Earlier this month we saw sketches of the Urban Concept ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show, yesterday we reported on the Audi S models that will also be on display, including the buzz-worthy S7. Now we've got photos of Audi's Urban Concept vision of the future, and we're not really sure what to make of them. Audi's 1+1 is compact, a super-featherweight by most standards, weighing in at just 1100 pounds. The design aesthetic is modern, but not as much as one would think upon first glance. It echoes a '20s racer, perhaps a 1925 Bugatti Type 35B with its wheel positioning and long narrow body, and similar snubbed-nosed-grille. But it also mirrors a yet-to-be-created likeable Pixar insect. Looks are objective, but at issue here is the idea that "urban" is somehow synonymous with "impractical." The 1+1 seating is awkward at best, though convenient if the driver is experiencing right-side neck and shoulder pain and needs a massage. Even urbanites need to pick up some groceries, expect as much storage capacity as your average motorcycle. As far as safety is concerned, the concept isn't right for the U.S. While smaller get-about-town cars like the Smart, iQ, and Fiat 500 are slowly building a presence, a decade out from now urban environments like New York City and San Francisco will still have a sizable ratio of trucks and SUVs on the road. If reasonably priced the concept could gain some traction in some European and Asian countries, otherwise drivers will choose EVs with more real world usability.
Although the current Urban Concept lacks practicality and will likely never see a production green light, we appreciate Audi looping out of the tired cul-de-sac of rehashed ideas to show us something unique. Concept cars are just that, concepts. Conceptually envisioning a world where we're cruising around in electrical pods is not that far-fetched. But we're not a couple years away, rather a couple generations away. Source: Audi

The car is very strange but nice. Seems to resemble a dragster or a vintage car.