Fisker Delays Atlantic Sedan Until At Least 2014

By Blake Z. Rong | October 17, 2012
Fisker's next vehicle, the Atlantic, has been delayed by at least two years. Instead of coming to fruition sometime this year, it's now been pushed back to 2014 as a 2015 model. Fisker unveiled the Atlantic in New York earlier this year, where company founder and CEO Henrik Fisker claimed that it was "90 percent developed," with a smattering of suppliers already lined up. A bold statement, anticipating an early release, but Fisker's engineers are taking time to truly sort out the Atlantic's drivetrain, which derives from the Karma and features a gasoline engine for extended-range, connecting to two electric motors. What can we expect in 2014, then? A base price of $55,000, for starters, and an entry into the emotionally-driven, competitive midsize luxury segment. BMW's 5 Series and Audi's A6 will put up a fight, but the Atlantic expects to sell on its environmental credibility and its looks. The Atlantic will debut Fisker's second generation of range-extending powertrains. And Fisker wants the Atlantic to be a jumping point for further projects, which might even include an electric boat and an SUV to tow it with.
We drove the Fisker Karma and walked away feeling it was gorgeous inside and out, with some teething problems. The Atlantic promises to be just as shapely and just as compelling to drive, but more user-friendly and accessible; a "volume" car for the boutique brand. Source: Automotive News
wonder what is going on
wonder what is going on

Just curious when fisker will be picking up production again ? Are they bring back the engineers and restarting production on the vehicle