Fisker Expands Its Recall, Says To Owners: Don't Drive Your Karma

By Blake Z. Rong | June 04, 2012
As the great sage Douglas Noel Adams might say: Don't Panic. Fisker had a recall a few months ago about a coolant leak, that affected 239 vehicles. Now, however, the recall has expanded to 19 more vehicles, bringing the total to 258 Karma EVs built from September of last year to this January. As before, a battery cover could push some hose clamps out of alignment, which may cause a coolant leak. The worst case scenario is that coolant could drip onto the battery and cause a fire, which is a more pressing cause for concern given the Karma's proclivities. Fisker would like you to know that this is not an entirely new recall, but merely an expansion of the first one. And rather ominously, Fisker and the NHTSA have said out loud: "all known owners will be notified and instructed not to charge or drive the vehicle." It's too risky—instead, dealers will arrange for transportation to get the cars to an authorized repair facility.
If your Karma is one of these affected—and you Karma owners are still few and far between—then you can call the NHTSA's Vehicle Safety Hotline at (888) 327-4236, and reference Fisker's campaign number of 51611001. Source: NHTSA