Fit to be Time Squared: Smartphone Users Can Drive Hyundai Veloster on New York Billboard

By Joel Arellano | December 30, 2011
Today's car ads, which can be found in video, webpages, and yes, the lowly magazine or newspaper (remember those?) can be informative, but ultimately unsatisfying because you still have to trudge down to the local dealership to test drive said vehicle. Wouldn't it be great if you could actually get into the vehicle of interest and test drive it any time, anywhere? Hyundai is trying to get close to that holy grail in its latest marketing campaign for its 2012 Hyundai Veloster compact. From now until January 1, 2012, folks interested in the “differently shaped” hatchback can download the “Hyundai Race” app onto their smartphones. Then, once they're in New York City's Time Square, they can access Hyundai's billboard via wi-fi and race their vehicle virtually to the viewing disinterest of everyone around them. Scores and rankings are then displayed for virtual drivers' elation or, more likely, complete humiliation. The interactive Hyundai Race is part of its “New Thinking. New Possibilities” ad campaign. Other “interactive experiences” will become available on the automaker's Time Square billboard at the beginning of the new year.'s take: The Hyundai Race actually sounds intriguing. Unfortunately, it's limited to NYC residents or visitors to the Big Apple for obvious reasons. So if you're either one, download the app, head to Time Square, and play the game. Then let us know in the comments below how'd you do and what your final score was. Source: Hyundai