Five Tips to Keep Your Battery From Frying This Summer

By Trevor Dorchies | July 11, 2012
As the temperature rises outside it's important to keep your car's battery in check. Many people don't realize that their car battery does require maintenance, however minimal it may be, and neglect becomes most evident as the mercury rises. Simple tasks can help you extend the life of your battery in extreme temperatures, but many just aren't familiar with the necessary upkeep.  If you don't want to find yourself marooned on the side of the road check out five tips to keep your battery from overheating during the summer months below. Check your battery's fluid every-so-often. If your vehicle has a battery that requires it to be filled, check it every once in a while when the temperature rises. It's always recommended that you keep a gallon jug of distilled water handy for this reason. Make sure your electrical system is charging the battery correctly. A faulty charging system will require the battery to work harder and consequently drain its charge. Be sure the alternator is working properly too, because not only will a worn out not charge a battery properly, it can actually drain its charge even when the car is off. An older battery also loses the ability to charge efficiently as well.
Be sure the battery and connectors are free of debris. Keep debris away from the battery and its' connectors. Dirt can act as a conductor and drain the battery faster than anticipated. The battery connectors can also become corroded which in turn will hinder the current flow. Conduct a load test. To check to see how much life your battery has left, take it to a mechanic and ask to have a load test performed.  This test can show how much juice that battery has left and will also expose batteries that are in need of a replacement. If the battery needs to be replaced, do it. If your vehicle's battery needs to be replaced, be sure to do so with one that's at least as high as the one currently there.