Flat Rock Assembly Facility Begins Production of the Ford Fusion, an Additional 1,400 People Hired

By Trevor Dorchies | August 30, 2013
Today, Ford announced that its Flat Rock assembly facility would begin building the Fusion. This marks the first time that the Ford Fusion will be built here in America. Flat Rock already handles assembly of the Ford Mustang, but with the addition of the Fusion, 1,400 more people will take jobs in order to handle production. With this news, Ford is aiming to boost Fusion production by 30 percent to 350,000 units annually. By hiring an additional 1,400 employees, Ford's Flat Rock facility will put the Blue Oval over 75 percent of the way to its goal of hiring 12,000 hourly workers by 2015.
In order to prep the incoming workers, Ford has introduced a simulated factory that gives hands-on training on how to build the latest Fusion. This simulated facility will help new workers familiarize themselves with the tasks they will be assigned to perform. Ford is also hoping this practice will boost manufacturing quality and safety. The real Flat Rock assembly facility has already added a body shop to allow the assembly of multiple models. This new body shop was funded from part of a $555 million investment that the Blue Oval Boys have already started dumping into boost production and other various tasks.
So far this year, Ford Fusion sales have climbed 13 percent with more than 181,000 units sold through July. For those keeping track at home, that's 21,000 more than during the same time period last year. It helps sales that the latest Ford Fusion offers different drivetrains like a gasoline, hybrid, and plug-in variant. Both an automatic or manual transmission is offered as well as start-stop technology. Popular features on the latest Ford Fusion include a lane-keeping system, adaptive cruise control, and active park assist.
Source: Ford