For Better or Worse: It's Now Easier to get a Car Loan

By Jason Davis | May 04, 2012
Before the world bank's crumbled in 2008, it was easy to get a home and car loan. Too easy, in fact. But hey, things are better now, and despite it being near impossible to get financed in 2009, CNN Money today reports that, HEY!--you can get financed again. Even if your credit isn't perfect. And that even if you've demonstrated an inability to faithfully make your payments (a few here and there), there are smiling bankers and finance officers willing to accept that you are more than your FICO credit score. "The subprime market has come back to life, where it was non-existent a few years ago," said Dave Wescott, president of Westcott Automotive, Burlington, North Carolina, and vice-chairman of the National Automobile Dealers Association. Oh hey, that word sounds familiar.
You see, America still builds cars. Good cars. Exciting cars. And if America wants to continue building great cars, it needs people to buy those cars. And since the economy is in the final throes of its first five-year plan (You! In the back--stop laughing!), the people who have money and want more of it decided that they can again trust the people who don't have it, but want to drive like they do. Obviously, it is imperative that you finish reading this article and get on with your auto shopping. Perhaps this time, though, you do it for country first and yourself second. But speaking of you, I think you'd look pretty great behind the wheel of a new ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________. Source: CNN Money