Ford and Natural Balance Pet Food Team Up for Record Breaking Rose Parade Float

By Jason Davis | December 22, 2011
At, we love cars (and trucks). But we also hold a soft spot in our hearts for animals, especially funny animals on TV. And for our money, not many can beat Twiggy the water-skiing squirrel. Or Dug the Dog. But Ford and Natural Balance think they have something pretty special up their sleeve. Yep, in what may prove to be the strangest combination of pets and cars for the year, Ford and the pet food maker are building a giant dog-themed float for the Rose Parade. And by giant, I mean "Guinness World record" giant. It'll be powered by a Ford 6.8-liter V-10, of course, to support its 116-foot length and more than 100,000 pounds, including over 6600 gallons of water. Water? Yes, water. The float will have a pool and the world's first portable wave maker for Tillman, the Guinness World Record-holding dog. He surfs.
Wait...we've heard this "pool on the back of a truck" gig before, AKA, the "Springfield Poolmobile." Nice try, Ford. And Natural Balance. And you, too, NASCAR racecar driver, Greg Biffle. Source: Ford