Ford and U-Michigan Challenge Students to Develop Applications

By Matthew Askari | November 07, 2012
Ford and the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute are teaming up and have created a contest for undergrad students that aims to develop vehicle-to-vehicle communications and technology to enhance safety and sustainability. While the parameters sound broad and vague, the contest looks to use wireless communication between cars to make driving safer. Ford is currently developing new applications that it hopes will allow drivers to have more information available to them, technology that could directly impact their driving behavior. This data and communication could allow motorists to reduce drive times, and cut-down on fuel consumption. Essentially, the contest is looking for new ideas to make a smarter vehicle grid, building off the vehicle-to-vehicle communications experiment currently underway. "The competition encourages the development of new mobile applications on the connected vehicle platform that we hope will generate creative thinking about how to grow the potential for V2V technologies in the future," said Paul Mascarenas, chief technology at Ford, and vice president of research and innovation. The UMTRI believes that students who have grown up with this technology will be able to think of innovative ways in which it can be used. Test sites have been established in Ann Arbor, Michigan, that allow vehicle-to vehicle communication between Ford vehicles as well as others. Nearly 3,000 vehicles will be used in the testing.
Source: Ford
James Windham
James Windham

Ford should work on KISS for hhe current My Ford SYNC before trying something new. KISS=Keep It Simple Stupid