Ford C-Max Energi Rated By EPA At 100 MPG Equivalent

By Blake Z. Rong | October 11, 2012
We brought you the C-Max Hybrid, now try the rest. The Energi is the plug-in hybrid flavor of the C-Max, set to go on sale by the end of the year, and Ford has announced its mileage ratings to lure customers in when it does go on sale: 108 mpge in the city and 92 mpge highway, with a combined rating of 100 miles per gallon equivalent. There are a handful of plug-in hybrids that get 100 mpge or greater: the Honda Accord Plug-In, for example, is currently rated at this lofty figure. Ford has two other vehicles that have either obtained this rating or will be expected to: the Focus Electric is rated at 110 mpge, and the Fusion Energi is estimated to match that. And cheekily, Ford touts the C-Max Energi as more efficient than the Toyota Prius Plug-In, because it can. The Prius gets 95 mpge, or as Ford will gleefully shout, 5 fewer than the C-Max, although it's important to point out that there's no Prius V plug-in, at least not yet. Ford is on the offensive against the 800-pound gorilla-like juggernaut that is Toyota and its hybrid range, if merely because Ford hasn't earned a reputation for electrification yet. With their trumpeting of these lofty figures, consumers will come into the fold. Source: Ford
  • 2013 Ford Cmax Energi Cutaway
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