Ford C-MAX is the Best Selling HUV in October

By Jason Davis | November 02, 2012
The brand new Ford C-Max hybrid outsold the Toyota Prius V last month, according to Ford. This is a big deal, for its occasion marks the creation of a new segment in the automotive landscape: HUV, or Hybrid Utility Vehicle. As if we don’t have enough categories or acronyms… According to Ford, it moved 3,182 C-Max hybrids last month—it’s first full sales month—to 2,769 Prius V, helping Ford to its best ever sales month of electrified vehicles: the Blue Oval sold 4,612 electrified vehicles in October, a 142-percent increase year to date. However, we're not sure if those C-Max sales were at the expense of Prius V, or in addition to the Toyota. “The new C-Max is off to a fast start in the heart of the hybrid market, not only outselling Prius V, but drawing a lot of interested Toyota customers who chose our new hybrid instead,” says C.J. O’Donnell, manager, Ford Electrified Vehicles. “Customers now come into our showrooms for fuel economy, and we’re delivering with six vehicles that offer 40 mpg or better, including the new C-Max Hybrid at 47 mpg combined, with another two on the way by year’s end.”
It’s not hard to see why the C-Max outsold the Prius V—it’s more than $1,000 cheaper, and offers better mileage. Ford hopes to continue this trend when it releases the C-Max Hybrid Energi, a plug-in electric vehicle that has what Ford calls, “more real car features,” a higher electric-only top speed, greater mileage, and more power than the Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid. But can Ford keep it up? Source: Ford