Ford Design Chief J Mays Retires

By | November 05, 2013
After 33 years in the automotive industry, J Mays, group vice president and chief creative officer of design has announced his retirement from Ford. The automaker has decided that Moray Callum, elected vice president of design, will replace Mays. Along with Mays, Jim Tetreault, vice president, North America manufacturing, and Marty Mulloy, vice president of labor affairs, also announced their retirements. Mays got his start in the automotive industry while at Audi, designing new concepts for both Audi and Volkswagen. During his time in Europe, Mays was responsible for creating the design platform that would eventually be the Audi TT and the New Beetle. While in Europe, Mays designed for BMW for all of one year, before returning to Audi. After his time abroad, Mays returned stateside and joined Ford Motor Company in 1997. Since his time working for Ford, Mays has been responsible for over a dozen iconic designs, although not all were such a success. His most recent designs for Ford include the 2013 Fusion, 2012 Focus, 2011 Fiesta, and 2010 Taurus.
There is no doubt that J Mays has had a long and successful career and his retirement is well-earned. Ford believes in Moray Callum, who will lead the design of all concept and production vehicles for the automaker on a global scale. Already Callum has had great success with the new Ford Fusion, Explorer, Mustang, EcoSport, and Lincoln MKZ. Source: Ford