Ford F-150 EcoBoost Reaches 400,000 Sales

By | November 15, 2013
The Ford F-Series has always been a top-seller, and with the introduction of the F-150 EcoBoost, sales have continued to climb. Since its debut in 2011, the Ford F-150 EcoBoost has sold 400,000 units, making up 45 percent of all F-150 sales. Collectively, all owners of the F-150 EcoBoost are saving roughly 45 million gallons of gas annually, surpassing estimated fuel savings of many plug-in electric vehicles, including those from Toyota and Tesla. "Ford is delivering great fuel economy across our lineup, from EcoBoost in our F-150 and 15 other vehicles to our electrified vehicles," said Doug Scott, Ford truck group marketing manager, in a recent statement. "Fuel economy is the No. 1 unmet need for truck customers, which is why the F-150 EcoBoost's leading combination of fuel economy and capability is resonating so well."
Adding to the success of the F-150 EcoBoost, Ford is also celebrating the 2-millionth EcoBoost engine produced since its launch in 2009. Customer demand continues to rise for the fuel-efficient engines, which is driving production up to an average of 100,000 engines a month, while in 2012 only 65,000 engines were produced on a monthly basis. The EcoBoost engines combine different technology, such as overall smaller engine sizes, turbochargers, direct injection, and variable valve timing, to deliver higher levels of performance and increased fuel economy. Joe Bakaj, vice president, powertrain engineering for Ford, said "Ford EcoBoost can deliver great performance and lower fuel bills, a recipe that is proving incredibly popular with consumers around the world." Source: Ford