Ford F-150 Not Best-Seller in Every State; Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet Top Some

By Matthew Askari | December 03, 2013
The Ford F-150 is America's best-selling vehicle and the top seller in most states, but there are quite a few exceptions, 17 of them to be exact. A new report in Business Insider gives us some specifics.
In California, the nation's most populous state and America's largest car market, the Honda Civic reigns supreme. New York? The Empire State shares its top seller with New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Virgina, in the Honda Accord. Florida? The Sunshine State makes the Toyota Camry number one, as does Maryland. And Washington D.C. gives the Japanese automaker its top spot as well, but for a different model, the compact Toyota Corolla.
While there were some exceptions to the Ford F-150, pickup trucks still spoke to the heart of the market; The Chevrolet Silverado is the top seller in Indiana and Maine, while the GMC Sierra wins the pickup crown (and all segments) in Vermont. Michigan, Ford's home state, didn't opt for the F-150, but still stayed loyal to the Blue Oval, making the Ford Fusion midsize sedan its most purchased vehicle. Oklahoma stood out with the Nissan Altima, and in Hawaii, the Toyota Tacoma seemed to hit the sweet spot. With increasing concern over fuel economy, we're curious to see how vehicle sales pan out over the next several years.
Source: Business Insider