Ford, GM, and Chrysler See Rising Car Sales Through October

By Joel Arellano | November 01, 2011
The automakers have released their monthly car figures and, among the Detroit Three, sales of cars joined crossovers, SUVs, and trucks for the first time in two consecutive months. Chrysler's mid-sized 200 led the car pack followed by Ford's compact Fiesta and midsized Fusion. General Motors, which does not break down sales figures by individual models, says overall car sales for October were lead by double-digit percentage increases in sales of its all-new Chevrolet Cruze. All three automakers saw strong sales increases in the truck segment, with Ford's virtually unchanged Ranger pickup taking the lead followed by the larger Ram. Again, GM does not release an individual breakdown of its models. The world's largest American automaker, oddly, saw a slight dip in crossover sales despite double-digit percentage gains for its Cadillac SRX, Chevrolet Equinox, and GMC Terrain crossovers. Ford's Winners:
  • Ford Fiesta saw the largest growth among Ford vehicles in the month of October illustrating that low price, fuel economy, and being just plain cute (especially the hatchback) sell cars.
  • Ford Fusion sales continue to be solid, whether competitors Toyota and Honda are under the weather or not.
  • Ford Escape sales were double-digit strong in October, which should bolster confidence to both the automaker and the public as an all-new crossover model travels from Europe to take the Escape mantle.
  • October sales were almost double compared to last year for the Ford Ranger. We're still scratching our heads as to why Ford won't bring the infinitely better world version here to the states. Maybe GM's all-new Chevrolet Colorado will finally convince the Blue Oval the error of its ways.
  • The Lincoln MKZ soldiers on as the only Lincoln model with overall double-digit sales since 2010 for the month of October.
Ford's Losers:
  • The discontinued Lincoln Town Car suffered double digit losses in October….
  • …and the large crossover Lincoln MKT didn't do so hot, either.
  • Ford Mustang seems to be sent out to pasture with the lack of buyers in October.
  • Full-sized sedan Ford Taurus was feeling no love in October, either (though not as bad as the Mustang).
  • Space apparently was big on folks minds, with the Ford Flex crossover outselling the smaller Ford Edge, although both saw losses in October.
General Motors' Winners:
  • GM says its Chevrolet Volt hatchback and its range-extender engine beat out the Nissan Leaf EV, sales-wise, for the first time.
  • Strong sales of the Chevrolet Equinox again illustrate that Americans prefer crossovers versus large cars when gas prices drop.
  • Sales of the Chevrolet Camaro continue to scorch while muscle car rivals stay parked in the pit stop.
  • Consumers, unlike enthusiasts, accept the Buick Regal as the affordable luxury vehicle that it is.
  • A lot of folks must be moving around if the double-digit sales of the Chevrolet Express are to be believed.
General Motors' Losers:
  • Consumers abandoned virtually all Cadillac models except the Cadillac SRX, which showed a modest gain. Sales of the Cadillac Escalade showed the most dips and full-sized luxury SUVs lose their bling.
  • On the flip size of "size does matter", sales of the GMC Sierra dropped more than a third in October.
  • Buick buyers must be looking over the all-new Regal and stopping there as the Buick Lacrosse suffers a near double-digit dip compared to last year.
  • Chevy Corvette saw interest drop in October. Hmmm. Could the less expensive but much more interesting looking Camaro sibling have something to do with the sales shift?
  • Chevrolet Impala sales continue to fall despite the new engine and the more attractive (and less expensive) Malibu.
Chrysler's Winners:
  • Chrysler 200 sales exploded four-fold compared to sales last year of its Sebring progenitor.
  • Sales of the Dodge Avenger rose more than a one-hundred percent as Americans (re)discover their love of sporty, mid-sized cars.
  • The Dodge Journey saw sales surge while Americans hunted down, online, the elusive crossover.
  • Jeep Compass led the direction of high sales for the entire brand with sales exploding five-fold.
  • Jeep Liberty, along with the Compass, brought more freedom in the October with rising sales to the once bankrupted automaker.
Chrysler's Losers:
  • The Chrysler 300's new look is certainly polarizing and may have contributed to its drop in sale for the month of October.
  • Though Chrysler created the minivan, Town & Country sales drop hints that consumers may be looking to the competition for their next "mommy mobile".
  • The all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee saw a slight drop in sales in October as consumer reassess their large SUV needs, especially when off-roading.
Source: Chrysler, Ford, General Motors