Ford, GM, and Chrysler See Rising September Sales from Crossovers, SUVs

By Joel Arellano | October 03, 2011
Strong sales among crossovers, pickup trucks, and SUVs continue to bolster Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler sales with newer vehicles especially catching the car buyer's eye (and greenbacks) as witnessed with sales of the revamped Jeep Compass. Such sales also continue to support Americans love for large vehicles despite continued high gas prices and an influx of fuel-efficient compact cars. Ford: Ford saw a slight drop in September from last month, with overall sales up nearly nine percent from September of last year versus August sales which were up 11 percent compared to the same time period last year. Crossovers, SUVs, and trucks accounted for the bulk of September's sales, with crossovers and SUVs seeing a rise of more than 22 percent compared to September 2010 and trucks up nearly 15 percent.
  • The all-new 2011 Ford Explorer saw a surge of consumer interest as sales rose more than 203 percent in September compared to the same time period last year.
  • The Ford Ranger continues to garner fans, seeing sales increase more than 87 percent last month compared to September 2010.
  • The Lincoln MKZ saw sales rise more than 54 percent, illustrating consumers are willing to look at cars when they have the right features.
General Motors: Bigger meant better at GM as it saw full-sized truck and SUV purchases increase 34 percent compared to same time last year. The Chevrolet and GMC brands, which hold the lion's share of such vehicles, especially saw brisk sales. However, the Cadillac SRX and Buick Enclave crossovers benefited from continued public interest despite continued high fuel prices.
  • Motor Trend's Truck of the Year winner Chevrolet Silverado saw a sale increase of 36 percent in the month of September compared to 2011.
  • Sales of both the GMC Terrain crossover and Yukon SUV rose 45 percent compared to the same time period last year.
  • Fleet sales jumped 22 percent compared to 2011, though Cadillac managed to reduce its share by more than 50 percent.
Chrysler: Ram Truck replaced Jeep as monthly sales lead for the first time, with September 2011 sales of Ram vehicles increasing 42 percent compared to September 2010. Overall, the Chrysler Group saw its truck sales (which include crossovers and SUVs as well as pickups) increase 33 percent in September versus a 12-percent percent increase in car sales though this highlights the automaker's heavy truck makeup, a dangerous position to be once gas prices go up and Americans switch to more fuel-efficient cars.
  • The Ram 1500 and, to a lesser extent, the 2500 and 3500 heavy duties, led Ram Truck's sales surge of 45 percent in September compared to the same time period last year.
  • The 2011 Jeep Compass saw the greatest sales in September among the Chrysler brands, increasing a staggering 306 percent compared to the same time last year.
  • Despite a fresh model, interest in the full-sized Dodge Charger sedan dropped 23 percent versus September 2010.
Source: Ford, General Motors, Chrysler

american cars will rise them up . .


big cars for bogs men's :)

Joel A
Joel A

Ditto, Matthew Ghrist. Maybe they're checking out -- and buying -- the 300?

Matthew Ghrist
Matthew Ghrist

This is great news. Even though us Americans are not buying fuel efficient vehicles at least there are people buying new vehicles. I found it very interesting that the Charger dropped in sales while all the bigger autos are increasing.