Ford GT Crashes into Motor Trend Headquarters

Yesterday at 6:30 pm, a blue 2005 Ford GT crashed in front of the Motor Trend headquarters in El Segundo, California. Nobody was hurt in the crash, and only the Ford GT was involved. While heading south on Douglas Street toward Rosecrans Avenue, the driver exited its lane, climbing the curb in front of the Source Interlink Media Building. The vehicle managed to hit two trees and a street sign before stopping on the lawn by the company driveway. The Ford was badly damaged, as the driver was going fast enough to pull a street sign clear out of the ground, dragging the sign several feet away from where it was posted. The front of the vehicle was caved in, setting off both driver and passenger airbags. Police from the El Segundo police department arrived quickly to the scene, claiming the vehicle belonged to a Metalore employee. The Metalore building is only a few hundred feet north of the Source Interlink building. Police questioned the driver about the cause of the accident, to which he replied, "Throttle stuck." Source: Motor Trend