Ford Highlights All-New Escape's Intelligent All-Wheel Drive

By Jason Davis | February 07, 2012
The not-yet-released 2013 Ford Escape is almost here, and though we've seen Ford's popular crossover previously at the Los Angeles Auto Show, advanced details are finally starting to emerge. The latest feature on Ford's crossover is that it will feature some of Ford's most advanced technology in the form of its new, intelligent all-wheel drive system. As much of middle America and the East Coast are blanketed by wintry mixes of rain and snow--the conditions most suited for all-wheel drive--the newest version of Ford's all-wheel drive will feature an advanced torque-vectoring control that is able to supply up to 100-percent of power to either the front or rear wheels. More impressively, the Escape's advanced, on-board sensors can do this more than 20 times faster than the time it takes to blink an eye. Ford's advanced torque-vectoring control in the Escape crossover collects data from 25 external signals, including wheel speed, steering angle, and gas pedal movement, and can actually help to correct errors such as understeer and oversteer while driving, or as a result of inefficiencies of traction between various surfaces. The upshot, then, is that the 2013 Ford Escape will more ably understand where you are intending to go and will help you to better follow your steering path. Additionally, the adjustments and calculations are made every 16 milliseconds, and the driver will be able to watch the power distribution on the interior dash screen, adding a bit of flair to the idea that brain meets brawn.
“This is a very robust system, tested and tuned around the world in many conditions,” said Joe Torres, senior engineer, Ford's all-wheel-drive system development. Crossover shoppers--what do you think? Is all-wheel drive important to you? Do these advanced technology features inspire your confidence while driving? Sound off in the comment below! Source: Ford