2013 Ford Hybrid Sales Need Only Five Months to Break 2010 Record

By Jacob Brown | May 31, 2013
At Ford, hybrids are apparently becoming a pretty big thing. In 2010 with the help of the previous-generation Ford Fusion Hybrid, Escape Hybrid, Mercury versions, and the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, the automaker sold 35,496 hybrids, setting a record for the company. But just five months into 2013, Ford has already surpassed that record-breaking year. While final numbers aren't in quite yet, Ford is estimating that it sold 37,000 hybrids through May, a 375-percent increase over 2012. How'd it do it? First, let's talk about what it's selling now: the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid and Energi plug-in, the Ford C-Max and C-Max Energi wagons, and the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. All of them are pretty respectable, hugely competitive vehicles. Ford says that it's taking a chunk of conquest sales from Toyota, whose Prius line recently expanded because people were jumping to bigger vehicles. Apparently, some of them couldn't wait, or they wanted a more refined experience, which the Fords provide.
"We’re working tirelessly to get as many hybrids to the market as we can right now to meet this unprecedented customer demand for our electrified vehicles," said Erich Merkle, Ford U.S. sales analyst, in a statement. "The success we are experiencing with hybrids is energizing the whole company." Nationally, the Ford Fusion Hybrid has a 14-day turn rate; it's as low as 10 days in places like Los Angeles. Most automakers consider under 60 days of supply to be good. Translation: Ford is selling Fusion Hybrids faster than it can make them. Ford says that the Fusion Hybrid is even comprising 15 percent of Fusion sales. That's a lot. Evidently, hybrids are huge in California, and the Fusion, C-Max, and MKZ models with electric power are all getting some serious love. However, Ford has not mentioned its Focus Electric, an all-electric car leased on certain regions of the U.S. We're curious to see how that one is doing. Source: Ford

I find it pretty amazing that this hybrid sells so well. It doesn't seem to be a car I see often on the streets.