Ford Mustang to Headline New "Need for Speed" Movie Adaptation

By Jacob Brown | June 10, 2013
If the words "Need for Speed" sound familiar to you and you're not thinking about "Top Gun," then you're probably thinking about the popular video game series that took off in the '90s and was the "it" car game before "Gran Turismo" and "Forza." Seeing dollar signs after the colossus that is the "Fast and Furious" franchise, game developer Electronic Arts has announced that it's partnering with Dreamworks to make its still-popular series of games into a live-action movie. The star car is set to be a Ford Mustang, customized and supercharged to new heights for the movie. Details are thus far sparse. The movie was announced at this week's E3 technology convention in Los Angeles, with the movie heading to theaters on March 14 of next year. The car, as far as we know, will have a custom bumper and wide body kit, 22-inch wheels, and a larger intake to feed its engine. Ford will also be providing a unique F-450 it calls "The Beast."
We're going to skip all the quotes from executives saying how excited they are about this franchise being pure Americana and the Mustang filling that role. The series is about racing, and most of the cars in each video game are six- and seven-figure hypercars that few will ever be able to sit in, much less drive. Adding the Mustang is all about product placement. This is like trying to make a movie based on "Battleship" and including Rihanna in its cast. This is like making a movie about the Rock 'em, Sock 'em Robots starring Hugh Jackman. Except the casting for this might actually be worse. This movie is about nothing more than cashing in on the fact that we like car movies and there's a gap between Valentine's Day and when the new "Fast and Furious" movie comes out in July. The movie is going to star a bunch of actors you may not have heard of who've been on TV or been supporting cast in other big franchises. And then there's Michael Keaton, who isn't even getting top billing. Has he even been in a movie since "Multiplicity"? Making a car movie for the sake of making a car movie doesn't always work, as history has shown us. Hopefully, this one is a bit better than awful, but expectations for the "Need for Speed" movie are currently hovering somewhere between "Gigli" and "Prometheus." Source: Ford