Ford Promises Knobs and Hard Buttons on Future MyFord Touch Systems

With the surge of infotainment systems and touch screens, many consumers have asked for a return to the more traditional knobs and buttons. Ford is meeting this demand starting with the F-150 that blends the new technology with the knobs. A similar balance is planned for future Ford models. Since quality ratings for the automaker have been down thanks to the MyFord Touch system, Ford plans to blend the new with the old, ensuring the attention of both younger buyers and loyal Ford owners. Along with the addition of traditional buttons and knobs, Ford is adding the technology to entry-level models to keep Gen Y and X buyers interested. "We are committed to listening to our customers and improving MyFord Touch to keep drawing in new customers and increasing satisfaction with even higher quality," said Raj Nair, group vice president, global product development, in a recent interview. With the surge of new automotive technologies and the advancements of the new MyFord Touch system, the automaker offers dedicated connectivity customer service as a competitive advantage for customers who need assistance with SYNC or MyFord Touch. Source: Ford
  • 2013 Ford F Series1