Ford, Ram Recalled For Various Maladies

By Blake Z. Rong | May 10, 2012
Both Ford and Ram have issued a recall on their trucks for separate problems; Ford for its backup lights, and Ram for a spare tire that's incorrectly labeled. Ford's recall covers 10,500 F-150s, Expedition and Navigator stablemates, and Mustangs, all 2011 to 2013 model years. In technical detail, the transmission range sensor was calibrated out of specification. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration claims that this could cause the transmission to not engage reverse at all—or, the R light on the dashboard might not light up, as well as the clear backup lights in back. Chaos could possibly ensue from this. In Chrysler's case, just 129 Ram 1500 trucks are involved in the recall, all built from January 5th to the 6th—and the spare tire size and specifications doesn't match those listed on the tire label. In the NHTSA's scenario, the label might cause the spare tire to be incorrectly sized, playing havoc with the electronic stability control and causing an accident on the sort of day when you just thought it couldn't get any worse.
Ford's recall will begin in June, and Ram's in May. Owners with recall questions can call up Ford at their customer service line toll-free at (866) 436-7332, and Chrysler's at (800) 853-1403. Source: NHTSA