Ford Recalls 23,831 Focus Electric and C-Max Models for Door Chimes

By | October 04, 2013
Ford is recalling 23,831 Focus EV and C-Max models because the vehicles don't chime when the driver's door is open. The 2012-2013 Focus EVs and 2013 Ford C-Max models are currently not in compliance with U.S. regulations that require the door to chime. The affected vehicles are equipped with a push-button start, and without the chime notifying owners that the vehicle is still on when the door is opened, owners are more likely to leave keys in the vehicle or leave the car on, increasing the risk of theft. Electric and hybrid vehicles are often much quieter, and don't have the traditional engine hum that most people are used to. Therefore, it's much easier to leave the vehicle not knowing that car is still running. Ford says dealers will upgrade the software on the affected models so that the door chimes, and the vehicles are in compliance with regulations. Most of the vehicles--approximately 22,900--are located in the U.S., with the remaining 900 located in Canada. Source: Ford, Detroit News
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