Ford restarts 401k matching program. Another sign of recovery?

By Automotive Staff | December 17, 2009
Is Ford back? That's what this article from the Detroit News seems to be implying. The automaker apparently is doing well enough to restore some benefits to its U.S. salaried employees that were lost last year. The list includes the resumption of merit raises and matching employees’ 401(k) accounts starting January 1, which were stopped in January 2009. Ford paid 60 cents for every dollar an employee would give in to the account up to 5 percent of base salary. Other restored benefits include tuition assistance to salaried workers. However, the company said that it will not pay bonuses for 2009.

Well Ford has been the strongest of the Detroit Three since the very beginning and there sales have shown it. So glad to see there employees are finally getting some of there benefits back.