Ford Secretly Begins Delivery Of Focus Electric To Dealers

By Blake Z. Rong | May 22, 2012
This week marks the arrival of the first Ford Focus Electric cars to dealerships across the country, but Ford doesn't want anyone to know. Except the salesmen, of course. The first batch of 350 Focus Electrics will arrive at 67 dealerships across California, New Jersey and New York. Each dealership gets six cars, with one being a demonstrator for customers. Ford didn't comment on the delivery, noting that the plan was "confidential." Despite this, Ford is definitely on track to deliver the Focus Electric to dealers and into the hands of customers "this spring," according to the company's spokespeople. Executives agreed to the decision on Friday.
Given the peculiarities of the electric car market, Ford is keeping sales goals for the Focus Electric relatively modest. CEO Alan Mulally said that he "would not consider it a failure" if the company sold less than 5,000 Focus Electrics in 2012, its first year. Still, Ford has lofty goals in the coming years. It expects hybrids and electric cars to comprise 25 percent of its sales by 2020, with hybrids being the logical forerunner. At $39,000 the Focus Electric isn't cheap, but by basing the EV on the Focus, Ford expects "reasonable margins" on the platform. Source: Automotive News